Learn About How Locals Unwind in The Hague

The Hague might appear as a serious city, but this is far from the truth. In fact, the locals know how to have fun. Enjoy your visit here just like how the locals do it. Get a good idea how locals of the Hague make their lives fun with gratis dating sider uden betaling. From beer to places to visit, we got you covered. The Hague is an amazing city that needs to be recognized by tourist seeking for an exquisite experience and wisdom.

The Hague

Explore Binnenhof’s Extravagance

If you are into politics, you just can’t miss this place. It houses international government agencies. Binnenhof is a long walk worth taking. Get ready to take a peak on Amsterdam top sightseeing, the Hague’s way. You’ll see amazing architectures which are strategically placed near a lake. The whole scene is beautiful. Binnenhof is best visited at night when lights around the city are lit. The lake graciously reflects the lights and serves as a gigantic mirror in the area. Visiting Binnenhof is free as if you won an agoda discount code where to enter that lets you get the best experiences without creating a hole in your pocket. After taking a long walk, check out the peaceful lake. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see different species of birds hanging out in the afternoon.

Check Out The Antique Shops on Canal Street

chinese foodBring some nostalgia into your adventure here. People in the Hague have huge respect for history. They are fond of collecting antiques. If you have the same fondness, you might find rare pieces to take home with you. For bulky collections, shop online using discounts instead of overloading your baggage. You will meet friendly locals who are thrilled to tell you the story of the items. They can even give you tips on how you can get more out of your travel in the Hague.

Fill Up Your Body with Chinese Food

The Hague has its own version of China town. If you like Chinese food, you are in for a treat. Anything that you would want for Chinese food is here. Who would’ve thought that the Hague has its own version of China town? If you don’t like Chinese food, don’t worry. Health insurance premium from the age of 18 and other cuisines are also present. Any craving you might want is already in the Hague. From meaty dimsums, savoury dishes, to brewed teas, you may get it here. If you have extra bargaining skills, then you may use it in getting a discount.

Enjoy Beer the Dutch Way

Whether you are a beer person or not, you’ll enjoy home-made beers from Kloosterbrouwerij Haagsche Broeder. The beer here is far from the commercialized alcoholic beverages in the market today. Dutch way of consuming alcohol is a bit different from we the west. They go all out in gratis datingsite russische vrouwen and don’t care about a hangover. Dutch kind of drinking is a lot of fun, but the rules remain the same: Don’t drink if you still have to drive. Dutch is known for their love of beer. Happy to say that they kept the tradition alive and made it even stronger. Going into the bar is like the Amsterdam holiday. It is full of joyous people who are in a celebratory mood. As you drink beer, don’t forget to order your favorite snack. Any snack will taste better if you are drinking Dutch beer.