How To Win The Heart of the Locals

Hague is a diverse city. It is composed of people coming from different races and culture. The locals already got used to this diversity. Seeing you regardless of your skin colour will not cause raising of eyebrows. Though it’s a norm for the locals to meet tourists around the world, there are specific ways to win their hearts.

Smile after Eye Contactsmile

Do you know the trick of getting awesome service at a restaurant? Make eye contact then smile afterwards. They’ll be smiling back in an instant. You’ll notice the special treatment. People in the Hague are enthusiastic and love human connection. So don’t be shy in flashing that awesome smile with your Amsterdam card. They will instantly give you a warm welcome. There is no need for words just exchanges of warm smiles.

Don’t Ever Tell A Racist Joke

Most of the locals have high educational attainment. You cannot expect them to laugh on a racist joke. It will offend them big time. As much as possible, don’t wear those T-shirts with offending remarks. The locals here might be warm people, but they are highly intellectual too. They detect the slightest hint of racism. What makes Hague great is the respect that people from different races give to one another. Maintain that respect.

Let Your True Accent Shine Through

If you are an Italian guy, you don’t have to cover up your accent. Let your natural accent shine through. The locals here don’t agree with the idea of neutralizing accent in order to sound American. Madame Tussaud is proud of her accent and the locals love her. The people here have high regards to culture. They believe that no matter where you are in the world, you should be the best representation of your nation.


Give Unparalleled Respect

Wherever you go in the city, you have to keep in mind the word “respect”. It not just about respecting races around you. It’s also about respecting the city’s facility. You are already showing respect when you throw your trash to the right place. Give unparalleled respect to avoid confrontations.