Budget-Friendly Meals in The Hague

We believe that the most delicious food we ever tasted didn’t come from high-end restaurants. Thinking about what to do in Amsterdam? The first thing that comes to our mind is to eat. We all loved the fancy service and food presentation, but what makes food delicious is the people we are sharing it with.

fried fish

Vishandel Hollands Spoor, The Best Grilled Fish in Town

You won’t be spending a lot in this restaurant, but the food here is great. With just your 10 euros, you can afford to eat fish grilled to perfection. This restaurant knows its fish. You can also enjoy their promo codes. They use just the right spices without violating the freshness of the fish. If you like seafood, Vishandel Hollands Spoor is highly recommended.

Het Bakkertje, Locals Favourite Bakeshop

They serve freshly baked sandwiches and pastry. They sell bread baked the old fashion way. It’s easy to find this bakery because you can smell the flavorful aroma from afar. The aroma alone will make you hungry. It’s a perfect stopover for bikers from after renting a bike in Amsterdam. After the grind, reward yourself with flavorful cakes and pastry. Oh, they also serve freshly brewed coffee. Fresh coffee plus great pastries equal to perfection.


Lollapalooza, Homemade Dishes with Love

You’ll love the ambience of this restaurant. Aside from the ambience, you will love their menu. It is packed with satisfying dishes that will fill you up with the good stuff. If you are tired of eating processed food, Lollapalooza will serve you freshly made dishes from organic ingredients. The best time to visit this place is in the morning. They have breakfast made for champions. What a good way to start your day.

Tosti van Josti, Must-try Grilled Cheese

This restaurant employs mentally challenged people with the help of their respective supervisors. Aside from the good intentions this restaurant has, they also serve the best-grilled cheese in town. The price is as cheap as the Amsterdam hotels cheap, but the food is oozing with quality. If you haven’t tried grilled-cheese for lunch, let this restaurant fill you up with the cheesy goodness you can’t find elsewhere.