The Hague: Where Old and New Collide

With all the tourist attractions surrounding the city, the Hague secured a special spot as one of the most important cities of the Netherland. The Hague is where the old meets the new. Like any other cities, it went through the modernization phase. But the locals resist to forget their roots, they signed up petitions to keep historical places from the government efforts towards infrastructure improvement. The Hague is packed with museums as big as the van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.

The Home of International Law and Arbitration

This big city holds important facilities such as the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. From the last survey, there are about two hundred other international government organizations in the area. With all the buildings that are situated here and most of them are occupied by important government agencies, the Hague was named the home of the International Law and Arbitration. It is named the home of International Law and Arbitration. This place would be ideal for individuals who have a desire to enter politics and social works.

The Peace Palace

Shopping Malls and Exclusive Brands

The Hague offers a great selection of shopping malls where you could find exclusive brands. The people here are known for being fashionable, but they know how to shop with offers & coupons. If you plan on visiting this place, make sure that you have a good budget. You’ll find rare items to take home with you. If you want to get good deals, register with us as we provide you with voucher codes that you could use. Rest assured that your shopping experience would be amazing.

Social Gatherings and Events

The Hague will never bore you. Every year, it holds social gatherings. It also holds big events such as festivals and concerts. Get the chance to experience dinner cruise Amsterdam with your friends. If you are in pursuit of life learnings, the Hague is a good place to start. The diversity of people here will amaze you. If you are travelling alone, the Haags Pop Podium can keep you company. Connect with our online community to make your travel experience worthwhile.


Undiscovered Spots You Should Visit

Traveling through an agency would be convenient but can also be limiting. Aside from the tall buildings and notable tourist spots, the Hague has undiscovered spots that you may want to discover. We have our version of the Amsterdam canal tour. We’ll take you to the Hague’s undiscovered spots and unconventional destinations. They are normally excluded in the brochures of travel agencies.

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